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Texas A&M University EMS is a campus-based emergency medical service that responds to medical and traumatic emergencies on the Texas A&M campus and surrounding community as needed. University EMS offers its services to all students, faculty, and patrons on the Texas A&M campus and the community.


Contacting Emergency Services (Fire, Police, and EMS)

When contacting emergency services using a cell phone dial 911 as normal. If you are using a land line on campus you must dial 9-911, the first 9 is to get an outside line. If off campus dial 911, or as instructed by your buildings managment if applicable.


Things to remember when calling 911

1. Know where you are. We can't help unless you tell us where to go.

2. Stay on the line. The dispatcher will ask you for more than just where you are. They need to ask several questions to make sure the right resources respond.

3. Answer the questions as they are asked. Don't start giving information the dispatcher hasn't asked for yet, it makes the process take longer.

4. If you can, call from where the patient is. Going to an office to call instead of using your cell phone doesn't make it better unless you don't have cell coverage.

5. Stay calm. If the dispatcher can't understand you because you're talking too fast, help could be delayed. 

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