Emergency Medical Services Billing

Texas A&M University EMS is not a network provider, but can file a claim to your insurance carrier if desired.  Prompt-pay discounts are available in most cases.  Payments can be made by check, credit card, or by having the balance transferred to the student’s university account.

Signed HIPAA Statement and Authorization to Charge forms are required for any claim. Please complete the HIPAA Statement and Authorization to Charge form if it was not signed at the time of service.

For any questions, please call our billing department at (979) 458-8265.

Notice of Privacy Practices 

Online Payments

Texas A&M University EMS now accepts online credit card payments.  To ensure payment is posted to the proper account, you will need to enter the run-number/invoice number and the patients name.  If you misplaced your invoice or have questions, please contact us at (979) 458-8265 M-F.

Online Payment


Should I, or my child, have a copy of their insurance card while at college?

We recommend that each person has a copy of his or her insurance card even if only coming to campus or the area for a day. Emergencies are usually unexpected, and carrying a copy of your insurance card can make everything easier if ever in this type of situation.

Will Texas A&M EMS file with my insurance?

Yes, Texas A&M EMS will file with your insurance provider. We try to collect this information at time of billing, but if we are unable to, please contact our billing department and provide them with your insurance information.

Will I get a discount if I pay early?

Yes, we do offer a prompt-pay discount as well as additional discounts for students that have paid the Student Health Services fee.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can pay with your credit card here, over the phone, or in person at A.P Beutel Health Center.

Records Release

EMS medical records cannot be released without prior authorization from the patient or their legal guardian.  If you would like to obtain a copy of your medical record, please submit a completed  EMS Health Records Release.

Medical Records Request

Medical Records Fee

Fax,Mail,or Electronic Version $15
Pick-up $1 per page, Maximum $15

Billing Records Request

Billing Records Fee

Billing Records
1st Request is FREE
Subsequent Requests are $1 per page, Maximum $15