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Texas A&M University EMS has been the community leader in Medical Event Coverage for over 30 years. We can provide you with medical staff and resources regardless of the size of your event.  Ambulances, Medical Bike Teams, and First Aid Units can be scheduled together or separately.

Texas A&M University Emergency Medical Services will provide quality emergency care with optimal outcomes that meet the evolving needs of Texas A&M University while maintaining a safe and productive work environment, and providing a beneficial learning experience for our staff.

Texas A&M University Emergency Medical Services is dedicated to ensuring that the students, faculty, staff, and visitors of Texas A&M are provided the highest quality pre-hospital emergency care in the Brazos Valley. To that end, we will:

  • Promote the mental, emotional, and physical health of area residents
  • Emphasize excellence in service
  • Serve as an educational and experience-oriented opportunity for those interested in the field of Emergency Medicine
  • Pursue and implement the newest technological, pharmaceutical, and medical advances in prehospital care
  • Collaborate in joint ventures and collaborative relationships with other organizations
  • Conduct community health education programs
  • Evolve with the changing needs of Texas A&M University and the local communities.
As we work together to fulfill this vision and mission, we value:

  • Service – Commitment and dedication to those we serve
  • Quality Improvement and Assurance – Continuous improvement in services, information, courtesy, and responsiveness
  • Stewardship – Efficient, safe, and responsible use of all resources including: equipment, supplies, personnel, and finances
  • Innovation – Collaboration through structured problem solving to produce better ideas and greater accomplishments
  • Respect – We treat our patients and peers as would like to be treated
  • Integrity – Conduct all actions ethically and honestly

Ambulances can be scheduled for any small or large event.  If it’s a sporting event, concert, or large corporate event we can provide you with dedicated MICU ambulance coverage.

Medical Bike Teams can be scheduled to provide Advanced Life Support medical capabilities to any event. Each Team is staffed with at least a Paramedic and EMT. Stocked with an automatic defibrillator, advanced medications, and the ability to quickly respond to emergencies, Bike Teams are great resource for large outdoor events.

Standby EMTs are available to staff events as First Aid Units.  Depending on the needs of the event, multiple units and/or Paramedic level staffing can be utilized.  Each unit comes with all necessary equipment and a defibrillator.  Medical ATV usage is also offered depending on event location and availability.

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