Event Coverage

Texas A&M University EMS is able to assist you in providing medical coverage for your event. We offer an assortment of services and can provide different levels of credentialed staff to meet your needs. In addition to medical coverage, Texas A&M offers CPR classes. Please visit our CPR Education page for more information.

If your event is off campus, prior notice is needed to coordinate with the department that has jurisdiction at your requested site.

Please submit event requests prior to the 20th of the previous month AND at least 2 weeks in advance to allow us ample time to staff your event.

Texas A&M EMS Offers:

Unit Type: Description:
Standby EMT Standby EMTs come equipped with first aid equipment and an AED. EMTs can treat minor injuries and, in more serious situations, can start life-saving treatments before an ambulance arrives.
Foot Paramedic  Paramedics can provide the same treatments as EMTs but can also initiate more intensive care, such as emergent IV therapy and cardiac monitoring, prior to ambulance arrival.
Quick Response Vehicle Texas A&M EMS utilizes a Tahoe as the QRV. It can be used to respond to emergencies faster than foot paramedics and at greater distances and can initiate care before the arrival of an ambulance.
Bike Team Bike teams come in pairs and are able to respond quickly to emergencies in situations where a vehicle may have a harder time accessing the patient.
Dedicated Ambulance Dedicated ambulances can provide full advanced life support capabilities, including cardiac monitoring, emergent IV therapy, advanced airway management, and advanced medication administration. Dedicated ambulances do not typically transport and will provide care until another ambulance arrives.

Event Request Information:

Please fill out the form linked below to request an Ambulance, Bike Team, Tahoe, or Standby EMTs.

For CPR classes, COVID-19 screening, or any other services, fill out our Online Contact Form.

Important: EMS Management reserves the right to select different unit types/quantities than what is requested. Management staff will provide recommendations and explanations for these changes when arranging coverage.

All requests are subject to a three (3) hour minimum charge and will be billed in 15 minute increments thereafter.

Beginning July 1st, 2023, all off-campus requests will incur a $30 per day fee for travel costs.


Beginning September 2023, the rates for Event Standbys will increase. Rates are as noted below.

Pricing as of Sept. 1, 2023
Standby EMT: $30/EMT/hour
Foot Paramedic: $55/Paramedic/hour
EMS Tahoe: $65/hour
Bike Team: $70/hour
Dedicated Ambulance: $150/ambulance/hour